High Frequency AC Ionizer_Stainless Steel Casing_H0601C

ESDMAN is able to supply a wide range of Ionizations with excellent Ion Balance and discharge time. Customization is our future strategy to go, please feel free to contact ESDMAN for details.

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High Frequency AC Ionizer_Stainless Steel Casing_H0601C

Main Features:

› High voltage abnormity alarm.

› Ion Balance is stable, within ±10V.

› The front air window can be dismantled freely, convenient for maintenance.

›  The discharging emitter can be dismantled and replaced quickly and easily which is able to prolong the Ionizer's shelf life.

›  Alarm signal output.

›  Stainless steel casing.

Product Image:


                  Front View                                                    Back View

Technical Data Sheet:

Part NumberH0601C
High Voltage Generator TypeHigh Frequency AC
Power SupplyAC 2200V
Power InputDC 24V
Operating Current0.15A
Effective Coverage15 x 60CM
Emitter MaterialSpecial alloy (Tungsten)
LED DisplayNormal Operation - Green, Abnormal Operation - Red
Decay Time2.1 sec @12"
Alarm monitoringHigh Voltage Abnormal Signal Output
Air volume output0.78㎡/min (Constant air volume)
Ozone generation amount (ppm)Within 0.04ppm (measuring distance 150mm)
Environment Temperature0-40°C
Environment Humidity20%-70%RH  (no condensation)
(The bracket is not included)
Warranty1 Year

Result And Performance:

Operating Voltage: DC24V

Testing Voltage: ±1000V - ±100V

Temperature: 25℃

DistanceIon Type200mm300mm
Decay Time+1.8s2.1s
Ion Balance+±10V

Discharge Time: