Surface Resistance Checker_ESDMAN 001-0110

Surface Resistance Checker_ESDMAN 001-0110

Surface Resistance Checker_ESDMAN 001-0110

The ESDMAN 001-0110 is a pocket size,lightweight,auto ranging surface resistance meter,its internal parallel electrodes comply with DIN EN 100 015/1.IEC electrodes can be externally connected for tests as per IEC 61340-4-1.The measuring voltage is auto-ranging 10v to 100v.

Measuring Surface Resistance:

◆ To measure the surface resistance of an object,hold the instrument to the surface and press the 


◆ The value is indicated with 12 LED’s,in different colours.


Measuring Resistance to Ground:

◆ Plug in the supplied grounding cord at one socket of the instrument.The associated internal electrode is disconnected hereby.

◆ Connect the opposite end of the grounding cord to “ground”or a “groundable point”.

◆ Hold the instrument to the surface like described above and press the button.

Other measurements

By connecting external electrodes to the instrument’s sockets it’s possible to measure for example “point to point”resistance ,or “volume resistance”

The ESDMAN 001-0110 Includes: 

1. Instrument 001-0110                         

2. Carring bag                           

3. 9V battery(installed in domestic shipment)            

4. Grounding cord                       

5. User’s manual 

Technical Data:

Size:131x65x30mm(L x W x H)


Power supply:9v battery or rechargeable battery

Test range: 103-1012

Test voltage:10V/100V(automatic ranging)


Power Supply: 

◆ 9V-Battery (PP3)

◆ Only new and valid battery can be used ( the battery drawer is in the backside of the ohmmeter) 

◆ If the voltage of the battery is lower than 9.5V, the yellow diode lights, which means the "Voltage is too low"


◆ The recommended calibrating interval is 12 months. 

◆ The calibrating is carried out by the supplier who is responsible for the instrument or the authorized calibrating organization. 


◆ This instrument is not approved for measurements in explosion hazard areas!

◆ High electrostatic charges or measuring insulating highly charged materials might damage the instrument!

◆ Using the instrument in power plants is not permitted.


When the LED flashes during measurement,it’s due to replace the 9v battery.Open the back cover of the instrument by unscrewing the four screws.Take care of the polarity.

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