Wrist band:

Inner:304 stainless steel,without coating

Outer:304 stainless steel coated pvf film

Color:light blue,silver,black

Size:160mm,180mm,200mm(size can be custom made)


Back plate:304 stainless steel,anti-allergenic

Coil cord:

Conductor:7 strand single tinsel wire

Wire Diameter:0.06”

Coil Diameter:0.04'± 0.02'

Molding material:PU

Color:light blue,black,Maroon

Size available:6’,8’,10’,12’,15’


Designed with versatility in mind, ESDMAN’s cleanroom safe metal wrist strap sets are a perfect personal grounding solution. Unlike carbon woven bands the adjustable metal band can be used in, but not limited to, cleanroom environments as high as class 10.

Fully adjustable metal wrist strap sets are available with a 6′ or 12’ standard coil cords. It’s stainless steel carbon free design makes it an ideal solution for cleanroom environments. The ESD ground cord is tangle-free and built to withstand the rigors of the work environment. It’s adjustable metal band is designed to be snag free and will not pinch skin.

Product Pictures: