ESD PU Palm Coating Glove

▪ Material: Fine long nylon yarn,antistatic carbon fiber,fingers & palm with PU resin

▪ Size: S,M,L

▪ Length: 22-23cm

▪ Weight: 26g/pair

▪ Usage: Widely used in the different kind of clean rooms,electronic facilities, PCB factories,TFT LCD factories and semi-conductor factories etc.

▪ Package: 1 pair/bag,10 bags/pack,30 packs/ctn

▪ Features:

1.Precise long nylon yarn knitted automatically,without gap knitting method & thread will not drop.PU resin is used on the surface for palm & fingers.

2.Conductive carbon fiber is included to play the anti-static role and eliminate Static electricity harm.

3.PU material has the function of resisting acid and alkali & anti-slip effectively. It could to avoid sliding when taking goods and furthermore no fingerprints were left.

4.It is used in the clean room of Class 1000- Class 10000.

5.Without toxic composition to make sure user’s safety and healthy.