Black Antistatic Component Boxes

▪  Static shielding and physical protection for transportation and storage of small static sensitive components.

▪  These can be supplied flat packed or assembled with pink antistatic foam.

▪  Other sizes and tailored designs, including special custom printing available upon request.

▪  Material: Antistatic corrugated fiberboard.

Part NumberDescriptionInternal  dimensions
( LxWxD)
003-4001Component box40x40x15mm
003-4002Component box60x60x25mm
003-4003Component box100x100x38mm
003-4004Component box135x50x20mm
003-4005Component box74x64x40mm
003-4006Component box146x70x24mm
003-4007Component box146x146x24mm
003-4008Component box178x89x25mm