ESD Polo Shirt

ESDMAN is able to offer a wide range of ESD Garments designed to minimise the damage caused by inadequate protection when handling ESD sensitive devices.


▪  With ESD symboI (Left sleeve or chest)

▪  V collar with snap-fastener or button

▪  Unisex design

▪  Short sleeves(long sleeves with ESD cuff is also available

▪  Static dissipative knitted fabric

▪  Fabric content: 50% Cotton, 47% Polyester,3% Conductive fibers

▪  Material weight :185gsm

▪  Resistivity point-point (Rp): 1Oe6- 10e9 ohms

▪  Decay time: < 2 seconds

▪  Compliance with EN 61340-5-1

Washing Information

▪  EN 61340-5-1 Electrical properties maintained after more than 4O industrial launderings

▪  Machine washable up to 4O°C

▪  Ironing at maximum 11O°C

▪  Do not use acid or alkali, Do not bleach

▪  Tumble dry at low temperature

Color Options

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Size Table:(Can be amended)