ESD Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting


The surface layer is made of ESD anti-static PVC, the middle layer is EPDM foam, the bottom layer is made of the conductive rubber.The special structure can effectively buffer the foot pressure, relieve fatigue for long time standing. Easy to clean,easy to migrate,does not affect the normal working environment.The surface of the anti-skid design ,resistant to acid solvent etc.


The ESD Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting is suitable for long standing anti-static area,It can effectively buffer the foot pressure to relieve fatigue,then improve our operation effectiveness, reduce vibration, protect the products and tools from damaged when dropped, reduce manufacturing cost ,improving the healthy and safety index of staffs.

Technical Parameters

▪  Surface Resistance:10e5-10e6Ω

▪  Bottom Resistance: 10e3-10e5Ω

Product Parameters

▪  Surface Treatment: Special texture (as per our picture showed)

▪  Standard Sizes: 0.6×0.9m, 0.6×0.45m (It supports customization)

▪  Color: Whole black, Yellow edge, Gray or customized.

▪  Standard Thickness:18mm, 20mm, or customized thickness.


▪  The middle “standing area” can be in Black, Grey or Green or other colour you prefer;

▪  The Antistatic logo or company logo can be silk-printed if there is a request.

▪  The grounding studs can be added upon request.

Product Pictures

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