Static Dissipative Cushion Matting


This mat is a static dissipative mat constructed of Vinyl foam. It is designed for use as table mat and work surface in the areas where protection against static electricity is needed. This product offers good effect to discharge static electricity while its cushion properties provides excellent comfort level for end-users in the EPA. It is resistant to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents, detergent solutions, alcohols, mineral oils, amines and aldehydes; The standard roll size is 1.3m x 10m; Customs sizes are acceptable upon requests. This product is able to meet ANSI/ESD S2020.


Typical Features

▪  This type of matting has a net structure inside, and the electrical resistance distribution is very stable; 

▪  This product is wear-resistant, chemical resistant, high elasticity, high tenacity, anti-aging, anti-shock, anti-fatigue, fire retardant.

▪  Standard color: Blue and Grey

▪   Very comfortable foaming design

▪  Volume resistance: ≤107Ω㎝, fast decay time @ less than 2 seconds, Shelf life is 2 years or more.

▪  Standard specification: 1.3m ×10m ×3.5mm

▪   RoHS Compliant

▪  Max temperature resistance: 80 degrees, DO NOT use with Soldering Iron work surface.