Specification_High Frequency Air Gun_HG-03ECO

Product Features:

  • Built-in static electricity elimination device, it can blow the particulate pollutant when eliminiate the static electricty.

  • ABS plastic casing, ergonomic handle, lightweight design to improve efficiency.

  • Automatic ion balance system, decay time less than 1 second, ion balance less than ± 15 V (The distance is 15CM,The pressure 0.5 Mpa )

  • Built-in miniature transformer, no need of external high voltage wiring safety design, no electromagnetic interference, no danger of electric shock.

  • The emitter needle can be replaced,and it can prolong the using life of the whole machine, optional throttle valve, control air flow.

  • A variety of connectors can be selcted to meet the requirements of a variety of occasions.

  • It meets the safety standard requirements of CE FCC.