Measure single wrist strap system resistance in real time.

Start testing while plug wrist strap in o monitor, no monitoring turn off function.

Monitor alarm once wear wrist strap unnormally.

Monitor stop alarm while plug out wrist strap.

Monitor will alarm when wrist strap in open circuit or poor contact.

Monitor single wrist straps and the meter ground cord in the same time.

Wrist strap alarm limit: 1.2 M (Factory preset)

Accuracy: <+10% 

Red LED light will flash together with audible alarm when test fail.

Aluminum alloy casing design: Stylish appearance and with good shielding performance.

The grounding wire is directly welded to the PCB board,which is firm and not easy to fall off, and high-precision fine-tuning ensures 

accurate monitoring in a working area with a good anti-static environment and performance.