Decade Resistance Box_001-1001

The 001-1001 is an accurate hand held decade resistance box designed to meet the needs of industry and education.Housed in a robust metal case the compact construction makes it easily portable. Excellent accuracy is achieved by using high stability metal film resistors.Mid-scale accuracy is 0.1%.The 8 digit thumbwheel switch enables precise setting with a clear Unambiguous indication of the resistance value. The temperature coefficient is better than 50 ppm per 0C.Each resistor has a power Rating of 1 watt. To prevent misreading,the 001-1001 incorporates a colour coding system to divide the display in o 3 groups to indicate ohms,Kilohms and Megohms.Special attention has been given to reliability.A special multiple gold contact switch arrangement ensures that back-up contacts are always available to take over should a contact fail.