Ionization Room System_001-5818

001-5818 Digital Room Ionization and 001-5800 console can build up an indoor ionization system, 001-5800 console can be connected to computer software through RS485, 001-5800 console can connect with 32 units of 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization to construct a small indoor ionizing system, more 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization can be connected through multiple 001-5800 to form a large indoor ionizing system, 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization can be adjusted through software or remote control The positive and negative output power, the switching time of positive and negative ion pulses, It can achieve the best elimination of static electricity in any indoor airflow environment and application. 001-5818 Digital Room Ionization have variety choices of emitter needles (tungsten alloy, titanium alloy, monocrystalline silicon needle),Different materials of emitter needles can be used in different environments, single crystal silicon emitter needle can be used in the production of wafers, Tungsten alloy and titanium alloy emitter needles can be selcted if optional single crystal silicon emitter needles is not necessary