Equipment Ground Monitor_001-9035C

Equipment Ground Monitor can continuously monitor the grounding status of equipment, ESD grounding system and resistance of equipment casing. It provides independent ground monitoring of up to four tools. Real-time monitoring of the on-off condition of the grounding wire. 24 hours real-time monitor Audible alarm will enable when the resistance is over the limited resistance, to ensure the safety of production.The audible alarm also could be disabled. Specific limits of resistance can be set according to customer requirements to accurately control the grounding system. The monitoring resistance range can be set in the range of 0-25Ω,accuracy: +/-1%. Optional monitoring software platform to realize remote monitoring and data processing. Wireless transmission or RS485 communication mode, suitable for different working conditions. With alarm indicator, which can add external red and green LED alarm indicator. Built-in LCD display which can display the resistance of setting value, testing value and monitoring status.