Measures Resistivity & Resistance_001-9802

Measuring resistance: 103 -1012Ω / Surface resistivity: 103 -1012Ω/m2 Measuring temperature range: 32°F-100°F (0°C-37.8°C) Measuring humidity range: 10% -90% RH (above 65% RH will affect the instrument measuring accuracy) Display mode:LCD display Two-stage test voltage: 10V (the measured resistance is less than 106 )/100V (the measured resistance is >106) AC adapter: input voltage -120V/AC or 220V/AC, output voltage -9V/DC Power supply: DC or battery power supply, both are common used in US and overseas countries (Note: External power supply and battery power supply cannot be used at the same time) 2.27 kg±.06 kg (5 lbs±2 ounces) cylindrical electrodes with two conductive contact surfaces with a diameter of 63.5 mm±.25 mm (2.5 inches±.1 inches),The Shore A (IRHD) hardness of the conductive material of each electrode is between 50 and 70 Dimension: 191mmx102mmx39mm Automatic power-off function to extend battery using life. The function of automatic return to zero which is convenient for continuous and quick testing.