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Product Overview

  • The ESDMAN 001-6809 ESD Access Control System is designed for fast, frequent, and accurate testing of ESD personnel grounding items. Its unique design embeds an ESD tester, computer clock, touch screen display, IC / ID card reader or barcode scanner, Ethernet module etc. in o a compact stainless steel enclosure.

  • This system can be worked with tripod turnstile, swing gate, flap gate, electronic lock & air shower room. In addition, it could provide basic ESD testing management, stop operators entering EPA without ESD testing.

  • What’s more, test results are electronically stored in the system and easily downloaded as attendance management, which has the function of distinguishing and setting up different attendance statement. It will automatically store 500,000 testing results while software is closed and PC is off-line.

  • It meets the requirements of the ANSI/ESD S20.20 & IEC 61340 in the USA and Europe.

System Overview

ESDMAN - Leading Supplier of ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor and Ionization

Main Features

  • 1.  Communication: TCP/IP

  • 2.  Built with a solid-state test button, to enhance a longer life span of the test button

  • 3.  7” Touch Screen shows: Time, Date, Position, Department, Employee ID, Name, Group, Tested Item and detailed resistance of wrist strap, footwear, ESD garment

  • 4.  Basic Permission Set Up:

ESDMAN - Leading Supplier of ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor and Ionization

  • 5.  After swiping the card (or barcode), system will be automatically reset if not going through in limited pass time.

  • 6.  ESD Testing Steps

1.) Swipe the card to ensure the legal permission of card or barcode. (Finger print / Palm Print / Facial recognition can also be one of the ways to give the legal permission)

2.) To begin the test, use your finger to bridge the test switch’s upper and down metal contacts. Hold your finger down until the test results are displayed on the touchscreen

3.) DO NOT touch any other metal while performing your test as this will affect your results. 

4.) ESD testing result: Green arrow with voice announce means Testing Pass, Red arrow with voice & light instruction means Testing Fail.

Notes: When performing a footwear test, be sure to place both feet on the dual foot plate (one foot per plate). Keep the foot-plate clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol when using the 1 Gigohm high test limit. A dirty foot plate could yield a false pass. When performing a wrist strap test, be sure to completely plug in the wrist cord in o the tester’s jack.

Popular Recognition Methods

ESDMAN - Leading Supplier of ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor and Ionization

Hardware Features

  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen Display

  • Single-Wire and Dual-Wire Wrist Strap Testing Heel Strap and ESD Shoes Testing

  • IC (ID) Card Reader (or Embedded Barcode Scanner)

  • Ethernet Module for Network Communication

  • Dual Footplate for Independent Footwear

  • Testing 27VDC Testing

The CPU of device is a 32-bit 4-core processor with the main frequencies of 4X1GHZ and DDR3 2G EMMC FLASH 8G, which supports a variety of screen interface access equipment, in order to meet the needs of the high-speed development of enterprises,  the control part has a number of development interfaces, four-bit USB interface 2 RS485, 2 232, and a HIDM high-definition interface.

300,000 ID / IC card permissions can be stored, in the mean time, the tester can also store 500,000 testing records when offline.

Software Installation

  •  Connect the tester and software successfully

  • Testing range synchronized

  • Import the employee data spreadsheet

  • Permissions Allocation

  • ESD Testing - and checking the testing result sheet

Technical Data

Wall mount: The new mounting bracket allows the unit to be mounted and removed without the use of any tools. Install the bracket on a flat surface and secure the ESDMAN 001-6809 with the included thumbscrew.

ESDMAN - Leading Supplier of ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor and Ionization


ESDMAN  001-6809

  • Dual Independent Foot Plate: Dimensions: 49cm x 39cm x 2.5cm Weight:6kgs

ESDMAN - Leading Supplier of ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor and Ionization