ESD PU Tip Glove - Carbon


The ESD PU tip glove is finger tips protection glove, which is made 13g polyester or nylon material with carbon filament. It is knitted and with 5 finger tips coated with white PU. Good elasticity and ESD properties.


Product Features:


ESD PU top fit glove,made of 13G polyester or nylon

Low cost with good anti static properties

Idea for being used in electronics assembly,package and inspection

Excellent sweat absorbency

Surface resistance:106 - 109 ohms

ESD safe,lint free and non slip properties

Good elasticity and good quality




Length(mm)190200210220230240+/- 3mm
Palm(mm)808386889095+/- 2mm
Weight(g/10 pairs)150155160170180190+/- 10g
Wrist ColorPurpleWhiteGreenDark grayYellowLight gray