Antistatic Cleanroom Tacky Mat

Cleanroom tacky mat is a perfect solution for critical environment because it efficiently capture and remove dirt or contamination on wheels and shoes at entrances of controlled areas. Tacky mats are widely applied in electronics, hard-disk drive, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries etc. It has different level of tackiness which suits for different applications and requirements. Antistatic Cleanroom Tacky Mat is not only able to be used in the cleanroom environment, but also able to offer the ESD production to meet the stringent demand.

Antistatic Cleanroom Tacky Mat

ESD Sticky Mat is the fast, convenient and most reliable way to keep floors and environment contaminants free. The technology and the know-how have been mature and stable over years of usage and application worldwide. 

Product NameESD Sticky Mat   
Tensile trengthTransverse≥12mpa, Lengthways≥20mpa
ElongationTransverse≥300%, Lengthways≥200%
Adhesive TypeWater soluble acrylic ester
TackinessLow(150-200g)/Middle(230-280g)/High(above 320-350g)
Layer30 layers / 60 layers
  Surface Resistance Value106~108
Package8 mats/carton, 10mats/carton
The specifications above can be adjusted per customers’ requirements.

Structure and Feature: