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Antistatic Acrylic Sheet, It is also called anti static PMMA sheet, the base material is polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated PMMA.

It has resistance to chemical solvents and shock resistance, surface resistance value is 10E6~10E8Ω, excellent anti-static function,high surface hardness,scratch resistance,excellent appearance,light transmission rate of over 80%, fire retardant rating of UL-94:V-0, and fireproof is excellent.

Excellent quality of processing production:
optical base material,
thousand class dust free workshop processing,
Innovative coating ability,
make material quality excellent.
Good weather resistance:
hard coating solid and solid,
not easy to fall off,
Good impact resistance:
hard to break,
impact resistance is 200 times as high as ordinary glass.

Applications include; machine guards, covers, windows, doors,
Construction of clean room plant (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.),
Access panels or cover for electronic equipment,
Cleanroom equipment shelter,
Clean room space separated,
Clean equipment,
Observation windows and equipment enclosures,
Electronic test fixture, etc.
Assembly machines and instruments;
Transparent room partition

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