Workstation Monitor ESDMAN 001-9502

User Manual

01.  Safety Information

02.  Description

     - Overview

     - Operation Connection

     - Performance

03.  Installation

     - Wire Attachment

     - AC/DC Adapter Connection

     - Mounting

04.  Specifications

05.  Enabling or Disabling Monitoring of Ground Lines

06.  Setting Impedance Alarm Levels

07.  Verification Check

08.  Functional Operations

     - Ground Resistance Monitor

     - Person Voltage and Resistance Monitor

09.  Product Pictures

01. Safety Information:

Read,understand and follow all safty information contained in this user guide prior to installation and use of this workstation monitor.Retain this guide for future reference.

Intended Use:

This user guide covers ESDMAN 001-9502.This monitor has two input jacks for monitoring impedance and voltage on a dual conductor wrist strap.It also monitors one metal ground in a workstation.The monitor operates from either a North American or universal AC power adapter.These systems are typically installed on a machine with multiple tools or on a work bench used for sensitive electronic assembly or repair.

The systems must be installed as specified in this user guide and are intended for use in an indoor commercial/industrial environment.The systems have not been evaluated for other uses or locations.

▼ Explanation of Signal Word Consequences:

Warning:   Indicates a potentially hazardous situation,which,if,not avoided,could result in death or serious injury and / or property damage.

Caution:   Indicates a potentially hazardous situation,which,if,not avoided,may result in minor or moderate injury and / or property damage.

Caution:   Indicates a potentially hazardous situation,which,if,not avoided,may result in property damage.

Explanation of Product Safety Label Symbols:

Warning:Read user guide

Warning:Hazardous voltage


To reduce the risks associated with hazardous voltage:

1.  Read,understand and follow all safety information contained in this user guide for installation and use.Retain this guide for future reference.

2.  Use the power adapter in an indoor dry location only

3.  Replace power adapter if damaged

4.  Do not modify or attempt to service the power adapter


1.  To reduce the risks associated with environmental contamination:

Dispose of the monitors and power adapter in accordance with local,state,and federal regulations.

Unit must be checked periodically to vefity each monitor circuit is functioning correctly.

2.  To reduce the risks associated with improper equipment grounding:

Verify that the electrical ground point is a known good ground(the ESDMAN 001-9502 does not have the capability of verifying that the ground point is a suitable ground) Do not use the monitor for the.Electrical grounding of equipment(these monitors only verify proper ground connection)

Connect a ground wire on the back of the unit to a known good ground point

3.  To reduce the risks associated with environmental contamination:

Unit must be checked periodically to verify each monitor circuit is functioning correctly

02. Description:


The workstation monitor can be used at work areas or locations to monitor the ground impedance of metal ground connection in process tools in semiconductor,disk drive,flat panel,electronic equipment manufacturing and other environments.Ground impedance monitoring can be used for up to two points for metal ground,such as within a tool.

The workstation monitor can also be used to monitor the impedance to ground and voltage level on two persons wearing dual-wire wrist straps.The unit incorporates green and red LED’s and audible alarm.

Ground impedance monitor-continuously monitors for ground impedance on one channel that is connected to one process tool.

Operation Connection

ESDMAN 001-9502 provides continuous monitoring of operator connection to the monitor via loop resistance check of operator’s physical presence using dual-wire wrist strap.

Voltage on person wrist strap monitor—The workstation monitor has one additional feature that allows continuous monitoring for excessive voltage on each operator.


Ground Impedance alarm level-The alarm level can be preset from 1 to 10 ohms in step of 1 ohm and from 12 to 20 ohms(in steps of 2 ohms)by using the “set” switch and by selcting through a combination of LED’s pattern indicated on the front on the unit.The monitor is set at impedance value.If the measured impedance on line is lower than the setting a green LED will remain illuminated for that line.If the impedance is higher than the preset level a red LED and audible alarm is that line.The alarm duration will be on for at least 0.5 second to prevent missing a short increased resistance event.If the impedance level remains above the preset alarm level the red LED and audible sound remains on.

Note:A wire must be attached from the workstation monitor(GND terminal)to an approved ground point to monitor grounding of process tools correctly.

Person Voltage and resistance monitor—The alarm level is monitored when a person is wearing a dual conductor wrist strap assembly and is plugged in o the front jack.There is a short hold on the body voltage alarm so that it is not missed.The unit will respond to either a possitive or negative voltage.The alarm is also activated when the wrist band is worn too loosely and the loop resistance level is exceeded.The red LED indicates over the resistance limit without a voltage being generated on the person at the same time.The green LED indicates proper connection of operator.Green LED plus blinking red LED will indicate if there is a body voltage generated;the operator may still be connected properly.The green LED is off when a dual conductor ground cord is not plugged in o the jack.

Enabling and disabling audible alarm—The audible alarm can be enabled or disabled by momentarily depressing a recessed miniature push-button”set” switch located on the back of the unit while the monitor is power on..Use an unbent paper clip to press the switch..One short beep on power up means that the sound is disabled,two short beeps mean that the sound is enabled.

Supplied Parts-The ESDMAN 001-9502 is supplied with the following items:user guide,AC/DC adapter

03. Installation:

Wire Attachment

1.  Attach 18 AWG wires to unit as described below.Strip back vinyl insulation at each end of wires to approximately 1/3 inch(8mm).Twist the stranded wire on each end before insrting wire in o each connector location.

2.  Attach the ground wire to the “GND”connector on the back of the unit.insrt a small blade screw driver in o the orange slot above.Gently push inward and insrt the stripped wire fully in o the hole in the green connector.Hold the wire fully in and release the screw driver to allow the wire to catch.

3.  Attach the impedance monitor wire to the ground line”G1”connector on the back of the unit.insrt the wire as described above.

AC/DC Adapter Connection

Connect the circular plug of the AC/DC adapter in o the power jack on the back of the unit.


Determine the mounting location of the workstation monitor unit.Attach the unit using one of the following recommended methods:

Screws:Dual Lock type of fastener

Note:The unit can be mounted upside down from the current orientation of the front and back covers.If you wish to change this,rotate the printed circuit board and covers 180 degrees.This will allow the unit housing to mounted from the wider plate with screw slots.

Undo the screws on the back and front panels using Philips screwdriver #1,pull out the internal board with the wrist strap jack attached,flip it 180 degrees,insrt it back in o the enclosure and reattach the lids.

04. Specifications:

ESDMAN 001-9502 Workstation Monitor

ParameterTypical value or function
Ground impedance alarm level1 to 20 ohms
Workstation monitor-wrist strap alarm
Body voltage
Operation loop resistance
 +/- 5 volts on operator
10 Megohms on operator(plus two 1 Megohm
resistors in the end of the ground cord that attaches
to the wrist band)
Alarm indicators
Visual indication(LED)
Green OK,Red faultt condition
Note:Operator LED’s red or green will not
Illuminate if the wrist strap is not plugged in o the jack
Buzzer fault condition if enabled is ON
Operating environmental rangeTemperature:10°C-43°C,humidity:75% R.H
Dimensions61mm x 22mm x 59mm
AC/DC adapter 
US 120V AC,60Hz
Universal 100-230 V AC 50-60 Hz
Output:12V DC@500Ma
Output plug polarization:Center Positive
Output plug:5.5mm O.D x2.1mm I.D.
X2.1mm x 9.5 mm length

05. Enabling or Disabling Monitoring of Ground Lines

1.  Sometimes no ground point in the tool needs to be monitored.This procedure will disable the setup of the ground line(G1)so that there is no need to attach jumpers or shunts to it.The AC adapter should not be plugged in at this moment.Attach the “GND” line to ground.Detach any lines from G1;Do not plug any wire in o G1.Press and hold the “set” button using the unbent end of a paper clip.While the button is pressed inward,plug in the AC adapter and then release the “set”button.

2.  Wait for approximately 30 seconds.The ESDMAN 001-9502 workstation monitor will beep during this time.After this,it will produce one beep and will automatically disable G1 to which noting was connected.You can repeat this procedure whenever the need to disable or enable monitoring of ground line is required.

3.  Enabling and disabling audible alarm-The audible alarm can be enabled or disabled by momentarily depressing a recessed miniature push-button”set” switch located on the back of the unit while the monitor is power on.Use an unbent paper clip to press the switch.

06. Specifications:

By default,the ESDMAN 001-9502 workstation monitor is set at the factory to 10 ohms alarm level.If you wish to change this alarm level to your specification ,follow the procedure that sets the impedance alarm level for the G1 channel.

Repeat the steps above in section 05

Right after the beeps stop,continue pressing the “set” button until the impedance level is matched as shown in the table on the following page.

When the beeping stops,the four left most LED’s(see photo below)will allow for the setting of the resistance value.The G1 red LED is at upper location;the green LED is at lower location.selct the ground resistance value by pressing the “set” button to advance the resistance limit.Turn the LED’s on or off as indicated in the table on the following page.

Not pressing the “set” switch for about seven seconds after selcting causes the limit value to be saved and normal operation started.

Using LED’s on front of the ESDMAN 001-9502 workstation monitor to set the resistance alarm level
ResistanceLED leftLED rightResistance ohmsLED leftLED right
ohmsUpper & lowerUpper & lowerUpper & lowerUpper & lower

07. Verification Check:

Equipment required:For this test,the workstation monitor should be disconnected from the monitored ground.Use the ESDMAN 001-1001,to prevent misreading,the ESDMAN 001-1001 incorporates a color coding systems to divide the display in o 3 groups to indicate ohms,Kilohms and Megohms.Special attention has been given to reliability.A special multiple gold contact switch arrangement ensures that back-up contacts are always available to take over should a contact fail.

1.Attach two banana plugs in o red and blue jacks respectively,the other end terminal is 3.5 mono channel,let it connect to monitor OP1 or OP2.Then adjust the resistance of ESDMAN 001-1001 to 10M,OP1 or OP2 should be green,it indicates monitor works correctly.Once resistance of ESDMAN 001-1001 at 11M,OP1 or OP2 should remain red.

2.Attach two banana plugs in o red and blue jacks respectively,one terminal connect ground,and the other end terminal connect any jacks of GND of the monitor.Adjusting ESDMAN 001-1001 resistance box,if resistance value is lower than 10 M,monitor GND LED remain green,however if resistance is larger than 10 M,monitor GND LED illuminates red.

ESDMAN 001-1001 Technical Specifications

Range:1 M-100M in 1M steps
Decade(M) 1-910-90100-9001-9K10-90K100-900K1-9M10-90M
Max Current(A)0.50.3100M30M3M0.330U3U

08. Functional Operations:

Ground Resistance Monitor

Connect the ground wire to an electrical good known ground point.

Connect the ground monitor input to identify locations in a process tool.

Make sure to connect the monitor input to different physical locations than those points used for their grounding.

Person Voltage and Resistance Monitor

1. ESDMAN 001-9502 workstation monitor features:plug the dual conductor ground cord of the wrist strap in o the jack on the front of the unit.If the wrist strap is worn properly,a green LED will come on;otherwise the red LED will be on.In order to provide a good ground connection,the wrist strap must be worn tightly-the green light on the workstation monitor is an indication of that.

2. If for whatever reason,while properly connected,the operator developed excessive body voltage(in excess of 5V in any polarity),the green LED may still be on,but the red LED will blink without an alarm sound.

3. No LED is on if a dual conductor ground cord is not plugged in o the jack.

09. Product Pictures: