High Frequency AC Ionizer_Stainless Steel Casing_H0801C

ESDMAN is able to supply a wide range of Ionizations with excellent Ion Balance and discharge time. Customization is our future strategy to go, please feel free to contact ESDMAN for details.

High Frequency AC Ionizer_Stainless Steel Casing_H0801C

Main Features:

 ›   Variable fan speed control (3 gears)

 ›   High voltage and fan abnormity alarm

 ›   Discharging emitter cleaning indicator

 ›   Ion Balance is stable, within ±10V.

 ›   The front air window can be dismantled freely, convenient for maintenance.

 ›   The discharging emitter can be dismantled and replaced quickly and easily which is able to prolong the Ionizer's shelf life.

 ›   Alarm signal output

 ›   Power supplied by DC 24V unit, Daisy Chain design

 ›   Stainless steel casing

 ›   Customization is available on casing and function.

Technical Data Sheet:

Part Number


High Voltage Generator Type

High Frequency AC

Power Supply

AC 2200V

Power Input

DC 24V

Operating Current


Emitter Material

Special alloy (Tungsten)

LED Display

Normal Operation
(Power, High Voltage, Fan) - Green

Abnormal Operation
(Power, High Voltage, Fan, Cleaning) - Red

Decay Time

1.0 sec @12"

Air volume output


Ozone generation amount (ppm)

Within 0.04ppm

(measuring distance 150mm)

Environment Temperature


Environment Humidity

20%-70%RH  (no condensation)



(The bracket is not included)


0.65 KGS


1 Year

Testing Result and Performance:

Operating Voltage: DC24V   

Testing Voltage: ±1000V - ±100V    

Temperature: 25℃

DistanceIon Type300mm600mm900mm
Decay Time+1.2S2.8S4.8S
Ion Balance+±10V


  1.  Measurement method: Measured with a 20PF and 150mm Charge Plate Monitor

  2.  Decay time means the “fall time” from ±1000V - ±100V when the filter screen is  not installed and the air volume is maximum.

  3.  The Charge Plate Monitor is located at the center line of the fan outlet.

Discharge Time:

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