ESD Field Service Kit

▪  This static safe Field Service Engineers Kit is a neat and handy portable EPA for use when away from your permanent workstation. The compact yet highly visible red pouch contains a mat, wrist band, coiled earth lead and straight earth lead so you can safely work to EN 61340-5-1 requirements.

▪  Ideal for use when servicing equipment which incorporates static sensitive devices or components.

This static safe / ESD field service engineers kit includes

▪  1 x Red Pouch

▪  1 x Mat (Size: 590 x 590mm)

▪  1 x 10mm Wrist Band

▪  1 x Coiled Earth Lead (10mm – Banana)

▪  1 x Straight Earth Lead (Banana – Banana with Crocodile Clip).

▪  1 x Earth Bonding Plug (UK / Euro version) - Optional.

Additional technical details of the kit include

▪  Surface Resistivity: >1×10e6 – 1×10e8

▪  Material: 2 layer embossed vinyl

▪  Min/Max Temp Range: -5°C to 40°C

▪  Weight: 350g

▪  Thickness: 0.6mm