The heel grounder is constructed from durable materials with a symmetrical cup design that can be reversed to extend life. The stretch velcro strap allows easily adjusts to fit around various shoes styles and allows for a comfortable fit. Available in black,red,orange,and blue stretch velcro.


The heel grounder is constructed from durable materials and features a black stretch loop closure to maximize fit and comfort.The heel grounders connect the person wearing them to ground via a proper floor mat or flooring material.Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user.The ribbon connects to the conductive rubber to complete the circuit between the operator and the static controlled floor or mat. A buried 1 meg ohm resistor is standard.The heel grounders are worn on both feet to provide consistent grounding while in motion.

  • Resistor: 1-meg or 2-meg ohm

  • Color: black

  • Ribbon: 18''/30'' long nylon/poloester grounding tap with 8 conductive strands

  • sole interior: non-marking

  • sole exterior:<10e5 ohms

  • cross-linked tire grade rubber