Pulsed AC Ionzier_PA1201SC

Main Features

▪  Through the way of pulse control,it guarantees larger ion production from single emitter and high-speed electrostatic elimination.

▪  Through the self-balancing control ,it is able to optimize the static elimination ability and achieve longer maintenance period

▪  Through the design of detachable discharge needle(Emitter Needle), the cleaning needle can be quickly cleaned or replaced,and reduce the cost of maintenance

▪  Dismantling the front air window for quick cleaning and maintenance, automatic power-off protection will turn on after the front air window taken down

▪  When high voltage and fan failed.It has equipment monitoring interface and audible alarm

▪  Dust screen can be added with filter cotton to effectively filter dust

▪  Optional with remote control version, the personnel who has no permission can not adjust the machine parameters

▪  Can be used in daisy chain connection


Prdoucut NamePA1201SC
Power InputDC24V±5%
CapacityAbout 24VA
Discharge TimeLess than 0.6S @30cm
Ion Balance±10V@30CM working distance
Ionization TechnologyPulsed AC Technology
Emitter Needle MaterialTungsten
Emitter Needle ReplacementReplaceable and effectively extend the life of the machine
LED DisplayPower indicator, high-voltage operation and abnormal indicator, fan normal and abnormal indicator
Singal OutputWhen the high voltage or the fan is abnormal, 
it lights up red and outputs a 5V/12V/24V closing signal.
Air Volume Output0.78㎡/min
FilterOptional 30ppi dust filter
Ozone Generation Amount (ppm)Below 0.005ppm (measuring distance 3000mm)
Environment Temperature0-50°C(indoor)
Environment Humidity20%-70%RH  (no condensation)
Dimension190H*143W*90D(Excluding stents)
Warranty1 Year