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Earth Bonding Point and Plugs

The Earth Bonding Point plug is designed to provide a safe effective and easy to use earthing point in an ESD protected area. The plug fits in o the mains supply socket,   making a connection with the earth conductor only. In place of the live and neutral pins are molded insulating plastic pins to allow positive location in the socket. Connectors On the front of the plug are available for connection via ground cords to the various Elements of the EPA.

The normal earth contact is linked via individual 1M resistors rated at 1 Watt to each Connector on the front of the plug. In the event of a workstation element becoming live The resistor will limit the fault current to less than 0.3 mA at 230V supply.

It’s virtually impossible to misuse the plug, which is permanently sealed. The resistance Between the terminations and the pin of each plug is tested after manufacture.

Instructions for use:

Check that the connectors on the plug face correspond with the terminations on the Wrist strap and ground cords: several variations of the plug are available.

insrt the EBP plug in o a mains supply socket and push it fully home.The plug Functions safely whether the socket is switched off or on.

Connect the elements of the EPA such as bench mat and floor mat to the EBP plug Face using ground cords.

Technical Information:


Size of plug casing:50x50x32mm

Connector to earth pin resistance:0.95-1.05M

Connector to connector resistance: approx 2M


Version available: UK & EURO

Product Image: