ECO ESD Rubber Matting

RoHS 2.0 Certificate__ECO ESD Rubber Matting


ESDMAN is able to supply a very high-end rubber matting which is made of special formula and materials with very excellent performance on ESD properties, heat resistance, UV resistance and super cleanliness etc. compared to traditional ESD Vinyl and NBR mattings.


▪  Permanent ESD Properties (10e6-10e7 ohms @23℃/12%RH)

▪  Super Clean – no outgassing

▪  Better UV resistance compared to the traditional ESD rubber mats

▪  Higher heat resistance VS CR and NBR

▪  Better Ozone resistance

▪  Good chemical resistance (cleaning solvent resistance)

▪  Good mechanical properties

▪  Good to use in Semiconductor and other high-end industries

▪  RoHS 2.0 Compliance;SVHC testing passed

▪  Dual layers (most common) or Single layer structure are both available upon request

▪  Typical application: Worksurface mat, Baking tray liners

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