ESD PVC Curtain

▪  Type: Grid, Transparent, Black

▪  Material: PVC

▪  Characteristics: soft, transparent, flame retardant (Class B2) and difficult to aging.

▪  Functions: purification, anti-static, at the temperature, noise, vehicle-free passage.

▪  Surface resistance:

    Printing side surface resistance: 10e6Ω

    Un-printing side surface resistance: 10e 9Ω

▪  Standard Roll size: 1.37m x 30m (length will be changed for 2.0mm thick roll)

▪  Standard Thickness: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm

▪  Applications: apply to electronics, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, refrigeration and other industries, the electronics industry is particularly applicable to the purification plant, and so on.

▪  Use: according to the actual needs cutting, laying on the ground, or do shutter curtain wall can be.

▪  Day-to-day maintenance: wipe with a dry cloth, wipe or not soaking wet, but also prohibited from using cleaning agents, such as alcohol.