Black Antistatic Rubber Matting


▪  Main material: Perbunan, Nitrile-butadiene Rubber

▪  Minor material: Super-conductive carbon black, anti-static agent, antioxidant, zinc oxide, sulfur, etc.

Technical Data

   Black antistatic rubber matting has excellent heat and chemical resistance. Standard thickness is 2mm; Custom thickness can be available upon request.


▪  Top surface resistance:10e6-10e8 ohms

▪  Bottom surface resistance: 10e3-10e5 ohms

▪  Temperature Resistance: Max 130°C

▪  Static Decay (1000V-100V):<0.01sec

▪  2 layers material structure to ensure the good path to ground

▪  Color: Black


   Contacting the Matting surface with the Acid and Alkali solvent is strictly prohibited, (such as Benzene, Alcohol etc). That might result in the Matting antistatic performance wearing away. If

cleaning is needed, available cloth coated with a neutral solution (such as water, etc.) can wipe,The intact packing Matting should be careful away from water, it might lead to discoloration.

Shelf Life

    One year. (During the first year, if the anti-static performance indicators do not meet the 2nd technical data mentioned above, we will be fully responsible for the unconditional return or exchange goods. But due to natural aging of rubber or not obeying the third point mentioned above, but by man-made improper use, causes the appearance of color discoloration, zoned injury, such as resistance increased, durability, are not under our guarantees).