Antistatic Silica Gel Non-Slip Mat

Product Description

The silica gel anti-static non-slip mat is mainly used for turnover, transportation and storage of the touch screen TP, LCM module, LCD, auto glass and precision medical equipment.

Advantages of silica gel anti-static non-slip mats

▪   Permanent anti-static formula

▪   The silica gel non-slip mat is odourless, non-toxic, incohesive and non-glare, it has super adsorption and does not harm the surface of objects. Usually it can effectively reduce object

collision, scratches and slip caused by the sliding of objects in transportation and transfer. Reducing defective products is a more effective method to reduce the cost

▪   The silica gel non-slip mat developed with special materials is both soft and elastic and has outstanding anti-slip and high temperature resistance effects that general non-slip mats cannot


▪   Easy cleaning: It can be washed with water directly to remove dust on it, and it can be used repeatedly

▪   Color: Black, white and maize-yellow,Green etc.

▪   It is a green environmentally friendly product passed the SGS inspection, and is widely used in photoelectric, electronic and optical fields