Antistatic Acrylic Plate

Product Characteristics

▪  Electrostatically Dissipative

▪  Stable Anti-static Function

▪  High Transmittance

Typical Fields of Application

▪  Semiconductor Industry

▪  Electrical and Electronics Industry

Technical Parameter

Test MethodUnitsValue
General Properties

Specific gravityASTM D792-1.19
Water absorption 23°C, 24 hr.ASTM D570%0.27
TransmittanceASTM D1003%90
HazeASTM D1003%0.4
Mechanical Properties

Tensile strengthASTM D638kgf/cm2630
Tensile modulesASTM D638kgf/cm232800
Elongation at brakeASTM D638%2.88
Bending strengthASTM D790kgf/cm21120
Bending elasticity rateASTM D790kgf/cm230000
Impact strengthASTM
Rockwell hardnessASTM D785M scale99.6
Compressive strengthASTM D695kgf/cm21140
Shear strengthASTM D732kgf/cm2653
Thermal Properties

Deformation temperatureASTM D648°C101
Vickers softening temperatureASTM D1525°C121
Linear thermal expansion rateASTM D696°C50.7×10-6
Degree of heat transfer rateASTM D177W/m.k0.2
Horizontal firingASTM D635
UL standardUL 94
Recommended maximum service temperat
Electrical Properties

Surface resistanceASTM D257Ohm/m2106 -108
Volume resistivityASTM D257ohm-cm>1015
Chemical Resistance

Hydrochloric acid (36%)1 hr
Nitric acid (60%)1 hr
Sulfuric acid (97%)Dropping

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