Wrist Strap ON-LINE Monitor_001-5181

Real time monitor single wrist strap grounding function. Monitor has OFF function,dial switch to ON,red light illuminate and monitor will turn green while connect wrist strap. Plug wrist strap in o monitor socket,monitor will alarm when wear wrist strap abnormal. Monitor will alarm when wrist strap is in open circuit or poor contact. Monitor will alarm when grounding cord is in open circuit accidentally. Continuously monitors the single wire wrist strap and the grounding of device . Wrist strap alarm limit: 1.2 M (factory preset, and the resistance value limit also can be adjusted on the meter according to customer's production environment.) Accuracy: <+10% When monitor alarm,red LED light flashes and comes with buzzer sounds. Suitable for any kind of single wrist strap. Beautiful appearance, strong anti-interference ability