Dual Wire Workstation Monitor_001-8102

Real time monitor dual wire wrist strap system resistance. Monitor is ready to test when plug in power adapter,connect wrist strap and grounding normal. Without connect wrist strap,infrared will detect operator or object when connect sensor externally,corresponding red LED light will flash and monitor will alarm.Wrist strap will be normal while connect wrist strap and monitor green LED is on.(It is a optional function) Plug wrist strap in o monitor socket,monitor will alarm when wear wrist strap abnormally. Monitor will not alarm while pull out wrist strap. Monitor will alarm when wrist strap is in open circuit or poor contact. Monitor four dual wire wrist straps,two table mats and two metal groundings. Independent junction box is convenient for installation and operation. When wrist strap test exceed upper limit or lower limit,different red LED light flash and comes together with audible alarm. When ESD table mat test fail,red LED flash and comes together with audible alarm. Beautiful appearance, strong anti-interference ability