Dual Wire Workstation Monitor_001-8001

Measure dual wire wrist strap system resistance in real time, which ensure the personnel grouding connection is more safety and stable. Start testing while plug wrist strap in o monitor, no monitoring turn off function. Monitor alarm once wear wrist strap unnormally. When the wrist strap is pulled out, the monitor does not alarm. Monitor will alarm when wrist strap in open circuit or poor contact. The wrist strap alarm has max limit and min limit alarm indication, which can determine short circuit and open circuit of wrist strap by testing to ensure the reliability and safety of grounding connection. The ESD table mat alarm value is set by monitoring the resistance range of the ESD table mat to ensure the efficiency and stability of the electrostatic discharge path between the ESD table mat and the ground wire. The resistance setting of the ground connection have multiple gears, which is convenient for customers to choose the impedance of different meter to the ground, to ensure the unobstructed release path of the equipment to the ground, and to ensure the safety of the product. Aluminum alloy casing design: Stylish appearance and with good shielding performance. Communication mode: RS485