ESD Textured Matting - T1

ESD textured matting should be laid out in workshops or labs for microelectronic industries, such as electronic semi-conductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipments and integrated circuits etc. Product Features: 1. Made from anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials with synthetic rubber 2. 2mm thick double-layer structure 3. surface layer is around 1.0mm thick static-dissipative layer 4. bottom layer is around 1.0mm conductive layer 5. Surface layer: texture design, bottom layer: non-skid design 6. Resistant to hot solder 7. Chemical and abrasion resistant 8. Compatible with constant monitors 9. Standard colors: blue, grey and green, other colors can be customized based on MOQ 10. RoHS compliant

ESD Textured Matting - T1


Main material:Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Nitrile-butadiene Rubber (NBR), Natural Rubber

Minor material:Super-conductive carbon black, anti-static agent, antioxidant, zinc oxide, etc.

Technical Data Sheet:

No.Technical SpecificationStandardTechnical Data
1Surface ResistanceSJ/T10694-20041×106Ω≤R≤1×109Ω
2Bottom ResistanceSJ/T10694-20041×103Ω≤R≤1×105Ω
3Volume ResistanceGB/T14437-971×105Ω≤R≤1×108Ω
4Thickness--------------Permissible Tolerance
5Temperature Resistance--------------300°C
(Instantaneous temperature
6Temperature--------------20°C - 26°C
7Relative Humidity---------------40% - 65%


Contacting the Matting surface with the Acid and Alkali solvent is strictly prohibited, (such as Benzene, Alcohol etc). That might result in the Matting antistatic performance wearing away. If cleaning is needed, available cloth coated with a neutral solution (such as water, etc.) can wipe;The intact packing Matting should be careful away from water, it might lead to discoloration.

Shelf life: 

One year. (During the first year, if the anti-static performance indicators do not meet the 2nd technical data mentioned above, we will be fully responsible for the unconditional return or exchange goods. But due to natural aging of rubber or not obeying the third point mentioned above, but by man-made improper use, causes the appearance of color discoloration, zoned injury, such as resistance increased, durability, are not under our guarantees). 


Matting Thickness: 2mm   (ESD layer: 1mm,  Conductive layer: 1mm)

Roll Size: 1.2 m x 10m

Paper Core Diameter: 3”  (76mm)

20 Rolls per pallet, put vertically, diagram as below.



1. Matting rolls put vertically

2. 20 Rolls Per Pallet

3. Additional lid (divider) available

Texture and Colors:

Texture Finish(Orange peel pattern):


Color options: Green, Grey, Light Blue, Hua Blue, Deep Blue, Sky Blue


Construction Layers: