Ionizing Air Blower_DC1201SAC

Use constant DC ionization technology which create amount of positive and negative ions through corona emitter needle to neutralize static electricity. DC1201SAC has a built-in cleaning brush, which automatically cleans the emitter needle when the power turns on,cleaning cycle could be preset from 1 hour to 999 hours,or press one button manual cleaning the emitter needle; (DC1201C do not have cleaning brush), the output amount of positive/negative ions can be manually adjusted to achieve the best neutralization effect; the unique post-emitter design makes the ion distribution well distrobuted. It is suitable for the control of electrostatic sensitive processes in the cleanroom environment. RS485 networking mode is optional, computer terminal software monitoring. DC1212SAC / DC1213SAC / DC1212C / DC1213C Product Description The constant DC static elimination fan generates positive/negative ions through corona of emitter needle to neutralize static electricity. DC1212SAC and DC1213SAC have built-in cleaning brushes, which can automatically clean the emitter needles when the machine is turned on. cleaning period can be set within 1-999 hours. Preset automatic cleaning period , or manually clean the emitter needle with one button