High Frequency AC Ionizer_H1201SAC

Use high-frequency AC ionization technology, and ionizer can be used on the workbench. Automatically cleaning function, the discharge needle, cleaning cycle could be preset from 1 hour to 999 hours, It can meet different electronic assembly, semiconductor packaging, flat panel display and other electronic manufacturing processes, and is suitable for automatic equipment that requires an ion balance voltage of less than 0±10V. Main functions: a. Lockable mounting bracket, 7-speed adjustable wind speed, b. Automatic cleaning emitter needle, fan stop alarm, Fan abnormal alarm,two types of wind windows is optional- direct wind and diffuse wind, direct wind and diffuse wind. RS485 networking mode is optional, computer terminal software monitoring. Meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, it’s suitable for using in the electronic manufacturing process of assembly, testing and packaging.