Quick Details

Adhesive: Acrylic

Adhesive Side: Double Sided

Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive

Design Printing: Offer Printing

Material: Glass Fabric

Feature: Heat-Resistant


Color: White

Thickness (mm): 0.01mm - 0.05mm180°Peel Strength (PSTC-101 )(N/25mm): >13.72

Temperature Range: -20℃~ +120℃

Insulation Strength (ASTM D149) (KV): 2.0

Thermal Impedance @ 40PSI: 0.453

Thermal Conductivity: 1.20 (W/m-k)

Name: thermal conductive adhesive tape

Certificates: RoHS

Application: Led Panel Lights Heat Transfer

High tacky thermal conductive PSA.Only pressure is needed to form an excellent bond and thermal interface.

The performance of thermal conductivity, insulation, buffer and high tacky make it as the best choice for electronic application.

Flexible and conformable. Ideal for uneven surfaces.

Stable and economical with different thicknesses and constructions.

ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor,Ionization