Specification_WARNING ELECTROSTATIC MEASUREMENTS ONLY_001-0510_2021.12.14.pdf

Product Features:

  • 001-0510 handheld surface electrostatic tester is designed in accordance with testing standards including ANSI / ESDS20.20, ANSI / ESDTR53, IEC61340-5-1, JESD625-B, GJB3007, which can measure the static voltage on the surface of all conductive, antistatic, static dissipative and insulating materials, and can be applied in ionic or non-ionic environment. A hand-held probe is included in its standard configuration, which can be used to test human walking voltage.

  • The tester is designed with a long probe, which provides flexibility and makes it suitable for the applications inaccessible for typical large and heavy handheld electrostatic testers. By changing different probes, single-point and different surface area measurements can be performed to achieve higher voltage resolution. The instrument is easy to use, highly reliable and can be used to measure the charge accumulation during manufacturing, transportation, and testing. It is suitable for the random inspection of static electricity generation in factories, thereby evaluating the static electricity risk improvement control measures. It can be used in a variety of applications include engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming material inspection, manufacturing and training, among others.