• Real time monitor the open circuit and short circuit of single wire wrist strap to ground status,ensuring the safety of personnel in the discharge of static electricity from the ground.

  • Monitor doesn’t have close down function,connect to power and grounding wire is normal,insert wrist strap into monitor for testing.

  • When an external infrared sensor is connected, the corresponding single wire wrist strap LED red light will flash and the monitor will alarm if the wrist strap is not inserted and the infrared sensor detects people or objects  within 8 sec; When the wrist strap is inserted, the infrared function will temporarily become invalid (it is an optional function).

  • When the wrist strap is connected to monitor but put on wrongly,the corresponding LED red light will flash and comes with audible alarm.

  • Take the wrist strap away and monitor will be in standby mode,the infrared sensor function will become normal at the same time.

  • When wrist strap is in open circuit or in poor contact,the corresponding LED red light will light up and comes with audible alarm.

  • Monitor 2 single wire wrist straps,1 ESD table mat and 1 metal ground.

  • ESD table mat alarm limit:6.5M(factory preset,tolerance+/-10%)

  • Metal ground alarm limit:10Ω(factory preset,tolerance+/-2Ω)

  • When ESD table mat test limit fails,an LED red light will light up and comes with audible alarm.

  • When metal ground fails,an LED red light will light up and comes with audible alarm.

  • Handsome appearance and strong anti-interference ability

  • Communication: RS485 or wireless data transmission (optional function,extra cost is needed)


Wrist strap test2 single wire wrist strap
ESD table mat test

1 ESD table mat

Metal ground test

1 metal ground

External sensor

1 ea (optional)

Alarm indication

LED indication(green:OK  red:alarm) Buzzer alarm

Power supply

AC100~240V 50/60Hz;DC 12V;200mA

Monitor size

131×52×27 mm (LxWxH)

Operation environment0°C~60°C, indoor use

ESD Tester, Grounding Monitor,IonizationWrist Strap On-line Monitor_001-5182A.pdf