Pulsed AC Ionizing Bar

Pulsed AC Ionizing Bar Using the pulsed AC high-voltage generator, the discharging needle (emitter) is not required to be cleaned for long-term use. High-voltage alarm: the high-voltage generator fails, the red light is on, and the alarm prompts. Able to output the alarm signal. Cleaning alarm: when the ion emission quantity is low due to dirty emitter tip, it gives an alarm to clean emitter tip Frequency can be adjustable; The discharge needle can be replaceable. Ion balance: ± 30V (windy environment), ± 5V (no wind environment, 7cm - 8cm test distance) Decay time: within 1.0S CE Certification, FCC Certification OEM is acceptable.​

User Manual_ESDMAN_Pulsed AC Ionizing Bar

Product Description:

Here are three ways to deal with electrostatic discharge, such as grounding, shielding and neutralization.This product is a precision device to eliminate static electricity quickly according to the principle of neutralization. It is generally called electrostatic eliminator or ionizing air bar.Widely used in plastic products, printing, paint coating, film, film products, medicine, food packaging industries.

Also widely used in electronic, communication, biological, laboratory and other automatic production equipment in the production of all aspects of electrostatic elimination and dust removal. The product adopts the safety structure of the built - in high - voltage generator , put the high pressure generator inside the cavity of the ion bar, controls the regulated high - voltage output through the automatic ion balance system, and designs the high - voltage abnormal alarm prompt function and the cleaning emitter needle prompting function .

Main Features:

*  With power input indication function (power switch indicator),Decay time operation indicating function (green indicator light) and clean emitter needle indicating function (yellow indicator light or red indicator flashes) and high-voltage operation abnormal indication (red indicator light).

*  It has the function of auto adjustment of negative and positive ions (in a certain range) without manual adjustment and calibration of ion balance. 

*  The emitter needle is made of special alloy materials. Press and rotate the emitter needle in clockwise direction for installation while press and rotate it in counterclockwise direction for maintenance and cleaning. 


*  This product can work with DC24V power input, no high voltage generator and high voltage line exposure, very safe, and set touch short circuit protection device, cut off power immediately, stop working.

*  Simple and convenient installation, tighten the screws at two ends with 3mm Allen wrench after adjusting the blowing angle well. 

Appearance Dimensions And Component Names:

As a result of product improvement or according to customer requirements, the appearance will be changed, subject to the material object.

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›  Product Standard Fittings



Ion balance modeThe automatic ion balance system is within 0 plus or minus 5V
Discharge modePulse AC corona discharge
Safety performanceHigh voltage abnormal alarm prompt function
Alarm systemRemote monitoring output alarm signal and indicator light alarm
emitter needle materialTungsten-lanthanum titanium alloy material
emitter needle cleaning methodUse cotton swabs to clean
Input voltageDC24V0±5%
Operating current0.2A
Operating voltage0.05-0.5Mpa, that is 0.5kgf-5kgf/cm3
Working environmentTemperature: 5-40°C, humidity: 15-85%
The effective distance of static elimination50mm-1500mm
Maximum distance2000mm
Ion balance methodAutomatic ion balance system within 0 ± 5V
Standard accessoriesAccessories, Power input connections, mounting bracket
fittings, emitter needle, High Voltage Generator, Micro Air filter

Dimension Parameter:

Product nameModelExternal dimension
(minimum size mm)
Mounting hole size
(center distance of the four
holes at the both ends mm)
Effective working
size (mm)
Air consumption
3-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-270270*32*58255*18 external 215*18 internal20018L/Min
4-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-320320*32*58305*18external 265*18interna25021L/Min
6-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-420420*32*58405*18external 365*18 internal35030L/Min
7-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-470470*32*58455*18external 415*18 internal40035L/Min
8-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-520520*32*58505*18external 465*18 internal45040L/Min
9-holes antistatic
ionizing air bar
PAHB-570Similarly, 50mm is increased in each length for every additional hole,
including the mounting hole size (an increase of 50 mm). 
Uses can choose different sizes following their needs.
NoteMounting hole size is the center distance of the four holes. 1L (cubic decimeter) =0.001m3
(external: holder holes on the both ends face outward)
(internal: holder holes on the both ends face inward)

The shortest size is 270 mm and the longest size is 2 000 mm.Each product can be designed and customized according to customers' requirements for different styles and sizes of products. For more information, please call.

Discharge Time

Testing distance300mm600mm900mm
Decay time 0.7S1.1S1.5S
Negative electricity elimination time0.7S1.2S1.7S
Ion balance0±5V0±5V0±5V


Installation And Use

›  Operation place: 

Please install the product in a position where is convenient for operators to check the power led. If compressed air is used, please make sure that it’s dried and filtered without water and oil to avoid blockage to air outlet. The product must be used in an environment under 40°C and void of flammable and explosive substances.

›  Usage: 

1.  Install the rubber gasket on the plastic columns at both ends of wind wand and then install the support and press it tightly on the plastic columns and then put the screws on the metal gasket and install them into the screw holes at both ends of wind wand; fix and tighten the screws after adjusting the blowing angle well. 

2.  Insert the attached DC24V stabilized power supply line output terminal into the terminal hole at one side of wind wand (note the butt joint direction) and then connect the other terminal of busbar into the low voltage 24V binding post of device. 

Wiring Diagram


Note: Red line DC24V positive pole, black line DC24V negative pole (zero line), green line is ground, white line and yellow line are alarm signal output line.

3.  After switching on the power supply, the first green indicator light on the right is lit (POWER) for about 2 seconds, and the second green lights on the right side (RUN) light up, indicating that the wind rods start working normally.


4.   Working distance, the distance from air outlet (emitter needle) of ion wind wand to the working surface (object surface generating static charge or product surface) should not be less than 50mm and the max distance is 2000mm. 

5.  The customer can externally connect the air pressure governor mini air filter to the air inlet as required to facilitate adjustment of air volume. It’s recommended that the air pressure is between 0.05Mpa and 0.5Mpa, but not more than 0.5Mpa. 

6.   This device has the function of automatic balance adjustment of positive and negative ions without manual adjustment.

7.   When the CLEAN light is on and flickers, please turn off power. Clean the emitter needle with sponge head cotton swab or dust-free cotton swab and press the RESET button with ¢3mm wooden or plastic wand, or turn off power and restart power. 


8.   Please turn off the power when the device stops working.

About Abnormal Alarm Function

When the following situations occur, the high-voltage work alarm indicator light is on and alarm.

1.  High voltage output short circuit.

2.  High voltage output too low

3.  High voltage abnormal discharge

4.  When a high-voltage ALARM is prompted, the red indicator light is on, and the user can turn off the power restart switch. If the red light continues to be on, please contact the supplier or manufacturer for repair.

Current Maintenance

The cleaning frequency can be set voluntarily according to usage environment. Set the cleaning time once per 1000~3000 hours if it’s used in clean room while 500~800 hours for common environment. The maintenance for ion bar is very simple. The only thing you have to do is to clean the emitter needle once per 800 hours. Please turn off power during cleaning. “Stick” the emitter needle with sponge head cotton swab or dust-free cotton swab several times and rotate the digital switch T-SELECT to set timer.