Foot Grounders Safely remove static charges from workers to protect your ESD susceptible products.These heel grounders are equipped with a Snap-Lock release fastening system.Connect the person wearing them to ground via a proper floor mat or flooring material.Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user. A moulded 1 megohm resistor is standard and visible.Heel grounders are worn on both feet to provide consistent grounding while in motion.


1.  Resistor:1 Megohm(+/-5% tolerance)buried

2.  Color:Black D-ring with blue hook and loop,black/white rubber

3.  Rubber exterior:<10e5 ohms

4.  Ribbon:conductive yarn in gray polyester ribbon

5.  A suitable esd footwear component in your flooring-footwear system as the primary grounding method(<3.5x10e7 ohms per ESD STM97.1)

Product Pictures: