Antistatic Agglomerated Stone Sheet:

Reinforced Toughness, Permanent Antistatic

Black Color, dimensional stability, lamination Grade

Continuous working temperature is from 260 ℃ to 280 ℃, and the highest working

temperature can be from 320 ℃ to 350 ℃,service life is from 3000 to 8000 cycles.

Size Range: Thickness(4~12mm),Width(1160mm),Length(1260mm)


ItemTesting MethodUnitTesting Value
DensityGB/T 1033g/cm31.85
Surface ResistanceGB/T 1410Ω/square105-109
Flexural Strength perpendicular to lamination normal room temperatureGB/T 5130Mpa380
Water absorption GB 1034%0.2
Notched Charpy Impact Strength parallel to laminationGB/T 5130KJ/m280
Brinell HardnessGB/T 231.1Mpa80
Specifica heat of rockGJB 330AJ/(g.k0.90-1.15
Continuous working temperatureEN 12664°C260
Thickness tolerance GB/T 1801mm±10
CLTE(perpendicular)GB/T 1036K-164*10-6
CLTE(parallel)GB/T 1036K-17.1*10-6

Application Field:

Electronic components are automatically insrted; Manual instrumentation; 

Wave-soldering; Reflow soldering; Solder wire; Screen printing of ageing oven and induction cooker; SMT; On-line testing, etc.

Storage Conditions:

Recommended that ESDMAN-AASS-301 be stored indoors, in its original packaging, in a controlled

climate environment, typically at or below 40°C (104°F) and 70% relative humidity. Product must be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. It is recommended that the product s are used on a “first-in, first-out” basis.

Product Image: